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Stacy Keibler’s smoking nude pictures

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Whenever Stacy Keibler went inside the arena and does a little sexy dance number in front of thousands of wrestling fans, the crowd goes wild, and who wouldn’t be? Stacy is not only one damn pretty WWE diva but she is oozing with extreme sexiness that no one couldn’t resist her charm and appeal that makes the guys grow weak on the knees. And even though she has long retired from wrestling and went on to do other things, Stacy looks better as ever! During her heyday at WWE, she was once offered twice by Playboy to pose nude for their magazine but she unfortunately declined that offer while some of her diva counterparts have already posed naked for the famous men’s magazine. But it is quite odd to know that despite her refusal to go nude on print, we happen to discover some of these rare and sizzling nude pictures of Stacy Keibler as she bravely shows off her hot pair of tits, ass and that sweet pussy for the first time before the cameras and if Hugh Hefner gets to learn about her naked photos, he might get shocked and realize that he had been had by The Legs and now the public will be scampering to see her naked photos.

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